Mandiou is an inspirational family name encountered in a vast area of West Africa including The Gambia, Mali, Senegal, Guinea Conakry, Guinea Bissau, Liberia, and Sierra Leon. The name Mandiou reminds people of the glorious era of the Manding empire under the leadership of diligent leaders namely Samori Touray, Sumanguru Kanteh, and Kankan Moussa.

Mandiou Foundation for Healthcare has been established in Lausanne, Switzerland in December 2020 by Fatoumata, Aisha, and Musa Touray. Appropriate legal guidance was provided. Mandiou Foundation is statured by the Swiss federal laws. The fiscal administration of the state of Vaud, Switzerland, has accorded the foundation a tax exemption status.

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals who are passionate about human development. We joined to implement actions that will improve the livelihood of people in general, particularly in Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fight poverty by
improving access to healthcare, providing tools for effective education and promoting environmentally friendly agriculture.

Our Objective

To positively change the living standards of individuals and their communities, by providing quality healthcare, facilitating education, and promoting appropriate agriculture.


Quality Healthcare

  • Provide relevant medical literature to healthcare professionals: we endeavor to procure 1000 copies of the book entitled “Clinical Work and General Management of Standard Minimal Resource Facility”. These books will be dispensed to healthcare workers in The Gambia at no cost.
  • Facilitate and coordinate the treatment of cardiac patients abroad
  • Improve medical imaging by providing a modern digital X-ray facility at Bijilo Medical Centre, in the Gambia.
  • Establish an echocardiography laboratory at Bijilo Medical Centre by providing a standard echography machine as well as training a Gambian physician to perform echocardiography examinations
  • Provide hematology, biochemistry, and microbiology laboratory equipment for the clinical diagnostic laboratory of Bijilo Medical Centre.

Facilitate Education

  • Facilitate training of health professionals through different means including organizing in-house seminars in several hospitals in The Gambia as well as promoting an exchange of healthcare professionals between the Gambia and Switzerland.
  • Facilitate continuous training for healthcare and agricultural professionals
  • Bring books and other reading material to the rural population in Sierra Leone: a rural mobile library.

Appropriate Agriculture

  • Establish professional exchange programs between Kankanba Farm and several Institutions of agriculture in Switzerland, France, and Germany
  • Support farmer’s quest to bring their produce to the market: Kankanba farmer’s mobile market
  • Provide training for beekeepers
  • Provide fruit tree seedlings to communities for free.


Un chance, un coeur !

Bijilo Medical Center

Kankaba Farm Yard

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Dr Musa Touray MD-PhD
CEO, Mandiou Foundation for Healthcare
Avenue de Chailly 10,
1012 Lausanne,

0041 78 848 6887

0041 21 525 8230

Dr Musa Touray MD-PhD


Dr Aisha Touray


Fatoumata Touray

General Secretary