How To Join Us

In our fast-evolving world, no individual, no community no nation is an island. No entity should be left behind. You may join us. Every individual counts. Every single action counts.

You may support in any of the several ways shown below:

  1. Give your time to transfer knowledge and know-how: several exchange programs in the area of healthcare, agriculture, and education are been realized. You are welcome to participate in your capacity. Arrangements can be made that you travel to West Africa and participate in projects of your choice. Physicians, nurses, laboratory and radiography technicians can be placed in hospitals in The Gambia. Farmers,  students of agriculture, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc. can be meaningfully engaged in our exchange programs.
  2. Material donation: Every year, in September, the foundation sends a 40-foot container from Chavornay, Switzerland to The Gambia. You can offer material donations in the form of books, hospital furniture, farm equipment, used clothes, shoes, useful household goods, etc. Your material donations will be strictly used according to the statutes of our Foundation.
  3. You can become an active member: you can suggest projects, participate in planning and execution of projects and/or join in periodic meetings.
  4. Cash donations: You may make cash donations by paying conveniently into the account of Mandiou Foundation For Healthcare. All donations are used fully to finance our projects. No salaries, rents, or other overheads are paid with your donations because all active members of the foundation are volunteers.

Admin Informations:

  • Fiscal Status:
    Foundation with public utility interest, not for profit
  • Registration, Swiss Chambers of Commerce:
  • Date of Registration:
    Authenticated on 4th November 2021
  • Swiss Admin Identification Number:
    IDE/UID: CHE-157.087.795P
  • Physical Address:
    Avenue de Chailly 10, 1012 Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Fiscal Regulating Authority:
    Swiss Confederation and Canton of Vaud
  • Legal Representation:
    Mr Mathieu Sinner, Notary, Avenue du Théâtre 7, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland,
    Tel: 0041 21 331 1818, Email:
  • Financial Control:
    Ruggiero Natacha, Fidugere Partenaires, Rue des Champs 7, 1040 Echallens, Switzerland,
    Tel: 0041 21 886 3068, Email:

Banking  Details:

  • Beneficiary Name:
    Mandiou Foundation for Healthcare
  • Address of Beneficiary:
    Avenue de Chailly 10, 1012 Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Name of Bank:
    Banque Cantonal Vaudois,
  • Address of the Bank:
    Place St Francois 14, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • IBAN: CH62 0076 7000 C554 6251 9
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