Access to quality healthcare still remains to be a privilege for many especially in economically weak areas of the our globe.
We, the founding members of Mandiou Foundation for Healthcare (MFH) were able to travel to The Gambia from 21.02.2022 to 03.03.2022.
We were able to see a lot: beautiful and variable landscapes, colorful market scrivener, expressive faces and much more.
We were particularly touched by the story of MT, a 12 year old boy with a rare disease condition: congenital muscular dystrophy. With this condition, MT, often has sudden attacks of generalized extreme muscular weakness leading to him to fall. This recurrent invalidating and recurrent falls caused many head injuries.
It was very enriching to see MT expressed happiness when he received a helmet from the founding members of MFH. We hope the use of the helmet will reduce the head injuries.